Andrew Funk knows what homelessness is like. He became homeless at age 34 when his start-up failed and he and his girlfriend broke up. “It’s hard to explain that to people. But you really, your entire soul, your brain, your heart – everything – just weighs [you] down and brings you to the floor,” he said about his experience. Funk met someone who took him in and he found himself with both a friend and a roof over his head. That allows him to start over. He knew he wanted to help others and decided to use his global network of contacts to do so. He founded Homeless Entrepreneur, a nongovernmental organization that connects homeless people with jobs. Since then it has grown from a one-man operation into a well-funded venture. His group has helped construction workers find gigs and IT people get into training programs. And for people with good business ideas, he looks for investors. So far, he has helped 39 people get work and find stability.

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