In the remote Nunavut community of Kugluktuk, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, unemployment is high and food is expensive. Megan Klengenberg, a single mom wth four kids, knows the struggle only too well. So when she realized that some big pots of stew could feed hundreds of people, she organized a new Meals on Wheels program with funding from Kitikmeot Inuit Association and Kugluktuk Heritage Committee. Every weekend, she and a team of volunteers make meals for roughly 200 people. She has a list of people to help, but anyone is free to message her for a meal. "I just wanted to bring a little bit of joy, and some people in town have been struggling putting food on the table," she said. "I just felt Meals on Wheels once a week would brighten their day and allow them to go to sleep with a full belly."

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