It was a cold dark night in Aberdeen, Scotland, but as the Vesal family stepped out of the car at the end of their 10-hour journey, Helga Macfarlane was waiting for them radiating warmth. This will be their new home, made possible by an act of kindness stretching back 75 years. It is the Scottish daughter of a German refugee helping an Afghan family who have fled to Britain. Burhan Vesal was an interpreter for the British forces in Afghanistan; when the Taliban took over he and his family went into hiding, fearing for their safety. The BBC interviewed him and followed his story as he pled for Britain to allow his family entry to the country. Upon arrival in the UK, the family stayed in a hotel in London for 100 days; Macfarlane learned about the family's plight and decided to offer them a home in Aberdeen, Scotland. "This was the time to give back something for the kindness and the humanity that helped my mother and family survive," said Macfarlane.

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