Nurse Jennifer Smith got a call one morning from one of her patients at the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in New York. It was John Burley. In a worried tone, he asked Smith if she could save his beloved dog Boomer from the pound. Hospitalized from pneumonia and lung problems, the 60-year-old man had no way care for his 12-year-old Arkansas mutt at his apartment. So Smith took an early lunch that day and dialed the local shelters in the area. After a few calls, she finally located him and signed adoption papers so the dog could be put under her care. She told Burley of the good news. "It was one less worry that John has, and he needs to focus on getting better and taking care of himself and know Boomer is in good hands," she said. Smith brings the Boomer a few times a week to the rehabilitation center so Burley can see him. As she says, "I couldn't separate the two of them. I just couldn't."

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