A Filipino-inspired doughnut shop in New York that started as a short-term project after its founders lost their jobs to the pandemic has attracted a waiting list of 10,000 customers. At first, friends and family helped Camara and Borja, both 28, deliver the Kora doughnuts to customers, but now they have a five-person staff, an industrial kitchen and are looking to open a shop. Their online business, which has over 38,000 followers on Instagram, attracted so many orders that they had to pause their waiting list when it hit 10,000. “It’s really about the connection that we’ve been able to make with people through the doughnuts," says Camara. "Whether it’s through nostalgia, storytelling – people can relate to a lot of the stories that I would tell regarding how I came up with certain flavors and brought them to life through a doughnut."

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