Fallon often frequented the Colorado music store J.B. Hart Music Co. to rock out on the store's guitar. The Dean "Dimebag" Darrel ML Guitar, named after the late guitarist from the heavy metal band Pantera, was his favorite. A boy with Williams syndrome, he looked up to Darrel. And Fallon loved music. When a passing customer heard Fallon, she was so moved that she purchased the $800 guitar and requested the store to surprise the boy the next time he returned. Fallon didn't return for eight months as his family moved to Texas. But when he did, his mother and he were blown away. "His mom burst into tears, and Fallon beamed with excitement," said the music store. "It was a special moment. There are still good people in this world." Pantera, who heard of the incident, sent young Fallon a care package.

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