Vicky Umodu was startled to discover more than $36,000 from a sofa found on Craigslist,but immediately gave the money back to the family who gave her the furniture. "God has been kind to me and my children, they're all alive and well, I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what can I ever ask from God?" Umodu was looking for furniture for her new home when she saw the online ad. Fearing it might be a gimmick, she called the family and learned a loved one had died and they were giving away his possessions. Looking more closely at her new sofas, she noticed there seemed to be something in one of the cushions. When she unzipped it and looked inside, she found several envelopes filled with cash. The family found other cash hidden throughout the house, but only a few hundred dollars. To say thank you, the family paid for a new refrigerator for Umodu and gave her $2,200.

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