Our Greatest Love Of All Could Be Friendship

We live in a world that gives top priority to finding a partner and being in a marriage. It’s the “happily ever after” to our fairy tales, for better or worse. However, this narrative overlooks the rich relationships that round out a fulfilling life that have nothing to do with romance. This is true for those who are “single” just as much for those in committed partnerships. Connection and love are vital to the components of deeply satisfying lives, and one of the most powerful of all types of human affection is friendship. Can you imagine a world where friendship was idolized the same way marriage was? You might consider the story of Kami and Kate, two friends/soul mates that have rebelled against our world’s marriage-centered narrative. By placing friendship at the center of their lives, they mirror what romantic couples’ lives normally look like, just without the physical aspect. They live in a house they purchased together, help raise each other’s children, share credit cards, and hold each other’s medical and legal power of attorney. Their intimate friendship defies “normal” categories of relationships, summing up their connection as “having a life partner, and you just don’t want to kiss them.” Whatever you think of that, the bottom line is that having a wider network of close personal connections is good for health, connected to longevity, and can shore up our lives with more people we like and trust.